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"When I had my car accident in
January of this year, I experienced
severe headaches and stiff neck with
a lot of pain shooting into my arm and shoulders from my neck. I truly didn't
think that there was anything that could be done to alleviate my pain quickly and that
I would be stuck with it for quite sometime. Michael performed this technique
on me and it was amazing what a
difference it made. I felt almost immediate relief, and since the first treatment have continued to improve consistently.

Because of how well this worked for me, I had my mother come in to see Michael when she was in town visiting. She was resigned to living with pain as she thought that medications were the only thing that would reduce the pain (but she did not
want to become chemically dependent).

Since her visit with Michael, she has
felt enormous improvement and has
told me that there has even been a day where she did not experience any pain.
She is searching for a therapist in the Denver area who has similar training"



100% Satisfaction Guarentee or your money back

Our Pledge

Our practice has specialized in the treatment of headache pain for more than a decade.  The Osteopathic therapy we provide is distinguished from all other forms of therapy in its ability to identify, evaluate and treat the causes of the vast majority of headaches – soft tissue disorders in the neck, shoulder or jaw.  To every patient, we make this pledge...

  • We will produce improvement in your head pain or the treatment is free. YES FREE. Let’s make it clear, one more time: When you call as a first time patient and we visit you or you come to our office we will do an evaluation and give you a first treatment. If you still have a headache after the treatment you will not pay us and no future appointment will be scheduled.
  • We will work with your physician to evaluate your headache pain and rule out any underlying condition that requires medical attention.
  • We will teach you how to help prevent recurrence of your headache pain in the future.

We want you to be happy with the result. We promise to do all we can to relieve and even cure the headache pain of every patient we see.


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