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"I had experienced migraine headaches
for many years, and had been on medication before I came to see
Michael Pys. My spine and neck were misaligned, and the medication simply treated the symptoms often with
side effects. After the first few months of treatment by Michael, my headaches
did not occur as frequently, and they continued to occur much less often. Now, when I do get a headache it is fairly mild and short in duration. Michael is an
expert in neuromuscular therapies, understands the connection between
the symptoms and the cause of
headaches, and his treatment greatly
helps alleviate the pain. Michael
also made very useful recommendations about minor changes I could make in my lifestyle, such as exercises and sleeping positions. Migraines and other headaches are so debilitating, and you don’t
have to suffer or become dependent on medication. Michael’s treatment program
is extraordinary, and I recommend it to anyone. I feel like I have my life back again."



You have nothing to loose but a headache or your treatment is free, yes FREE. If you had a first visit and we did not help your headache you will not pay for it

Osteopathic manual therapy is a scientific approach to restoring the body’s biomechanical balance, it treats disorders such as chronic muscle and soft tissue contraction, nerve or blood vessel compression, joint dysfunction, and other potential sources of headache pain.  Osteopathic manual therapy addresses the root causes of most headaches and offers treatment protocols that can correct them – without side effects, and with the ability to prevent headaches from recurring.

The unique ability of manual therapy to target areas of headache pain is a major advantage in this treatment protocol.  This technique allows the therapist and patient to work together in identifying the specific musculoskeletal systems contributing to the headache pain, and to determine the effectiveness of the therapy used to correct the dysfunction.

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