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As a migraine or headache sufferer, you know how disruptive and inconvenient a migraine attack or headache can be. Not only does it have an impact on you but also your immediate family and friends who watch on helplessly.

In 1995 my goal has been to increase the awareness of cervicogenic headache (the role of the neck, jaw and shoulders in a range of headache types including migraine) in the community and traditional medical circles.

My clinical experience of consulting with over 1000 headache and migraine sufferers suggests that the neck, jaw and shoulders area are not only a trigger for many headaches and migraine but is the cause of or is a significant contributing factor to different types of headache.

Since 1995 I have developed a series of techniques, which are instrumental in determining whether a neck, jaw or shoulders disorder is significant factoring the cause of a headache or migraine. For the disorder to be related to the headache or migraine process the headache has to ease as the technique is maintained. If through this process, trigger area have not been identified, then neck may not be the source of the headache.
Furthermore my experience has shown that the Osteopathic techniques are work well with vast majority of my patients. We are proud of our results and happy to offer you these unique techniques and enjoy headache free life.

If for some reason you are not happy with result we will not charge you for the treatment.

Michael Pys is a Osteopathic therapist practicing in the Chicago area. Educated at the Osteopathic College of Ontario, Uppleger institute. St.John Neuromuscular Pain Relief Institute, he has continued his study of Osteopathic therapy with programs in North America.

Michael Pys has specialized in headache therapy since 1995, successfully treating thousands of patients with headache pain. His wife Barbara is also a practicing therapist.

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